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Clean Transfer Robot

Wafer Aligner

For vacuum environment Applicable aligner
50mm OFH-4103
100mm OFH-4102
150mm OFH-4101
200mm OFH-4100
300mm EG-303

FPD Transfer Robot

For vacuum environment
Payload Panel size (reference) Single arm Double arm
Without Z-axis With Z-axis Link arm Linear slide
3kg G2 SPR-801R SPR-804R
15kg G4.5 SPR-811R
35kg G4.5 SPR-8565
50kg G5 SPR-8566
70kg G5.5 SPR-8508R
85kg G6 SPR-8571 SPR-8572
120kg G6 SPR-8573
*DAIHEN have been experienced to supply various generation of Vacuum transfer robot such as G1 to G10 in the world.
If you have any interest in Vacuum transfer robot, please feel free to contact us.