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Privacy Policy

DAIHEN Corporation fully understands the importance of using and protecting the personal information in the information driven society. We strive for safe and appropriate handling of the personal information of our customers and all other persons.

Notification and declaration of acquisition of personal information and its purpose of use

  • We collect personal information through appropriate and lawful methods.
  • While collecting personal information, we notify or announce the purpose of use to the owner of personal information in advance. Besides, when directly obtaining personal information from the owner in writing or online, we clearly indicate the purpose of use in advance. Notwithstanding, when the purpose of use is clear from the situation at the time of acquiring personal information, we may omit declaration, notification, or indication of the purpose of use.
  • When stipulated by laws and regulations (such as cooperating with a public agency for protecting life and assets of an individual), we may collect and use the personal information outside the aforementioned purpose of use.

Purpose of use

We use the personal information to the extent required for achieving the following purpose of use, and without the prior consent of the owner of personal information, we do not use it outside this purpose.

  • 1) Receiving order for and offering products and services
  • 2) Offering information and making proposal regarding our products and services
  • 3) Invoicing and receiving payment
  • 4) Investigation of quality, status of use, etc. related to products and services, conducting questionnaire regarding planning and development, and subsequent communication
  • 5) Sending information about events, exhibitions, and seminars
  • 6) Operation of skill training school

Offering personal information to a third party

Except the following cases, we do not offer the personal information we collected to a third party.

  • 1) When there is a prior consent of the owner of personal information
  • 2) When we outsource all or a part of handling of personal information to a vendor that has entered into a nondisclosure agreement regarding personal information with us to the extent required for achieving the purpose of use.
  • 3) When we jointly use the personal information (refer to the next paragraph regarding joint use)
  • 4) When we offer personal information under laws and regulations
  • 5) When the business is transferred to a third party pursuant to merger, corporate split, business transfer, etc.
  • 6) When the information is processed into the state where the individual cannot be identified

About joint use

Personal information we acquired is jointly used by us and our subsidiaries companies to the extent required for achieving the purpose of use. In this case, we appropriately monitor and supervise the joint users.

  • 1) Personal Information that are jointly used
    Profession (Company name, Department, Position)
    Telephone number, email address
    Date of birth or age
    History of commercial discussion, purchase, maintenance of products
    History of contacting us
    History of participating in exhibition, seminar, technical session, etc.
    Information of the devices being used
  • 2) Scope of joint users
    *Our subsidiaries
  • 3) Manager of joint use
    *DAIHEN Corporation

Management of personal information

For preventing leakage, loss, damage, and unauthorized access to the personal information we collected, we follow the laws and regulations, guidelines, and our internal regulations, and we take appropriate safety management measures and strive to protect the personal information.

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Inquiry about our Privacy Policy

Please contact the following in the event the owner of personal information or his proxy wishes to check, change, or stop the use of personal information. Please note that we may check that the owner or the owner's proxy is genuine when such inquiry is received.

DAIHEN Corporation
Information Security Committee
  2-1-11 Tagawa, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-8512, Japan
  Phone: +81-6-6301-1212
  Please contact us using the Inquiry form.