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Company History


Dec-1919 Was established under the name of Osaka Transformer Co., Ltd.
Commenced the specialized production of pole-mounted transformers.
Jul-1930 Moved its main plant to its current location (Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan)
Mar-1934 Commenced the production of electric welding machines
Aug-1946 Established Shikoku Transformer Co. Ltd. (currently Shihen Technical Corporation) in Kagawa Prefecture in a joint venture with Shikoku Haiden K.K. (currently Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.)
Jun-1951 Established Osaka Fuse Co., Ltd., (currently DAIHEN FUSE Corporation) a manufacturing and sales company of power fuses.
Nov-1953 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange
Oct-1959 Established Kyushu Transformer Co. Ltd. (currently Kyuhen Co., Inc.) in Fukuoka
Prefecture in a joint venture with Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Sep-1960 Listed on the First section of the Fukuoka Stock Exchang.
Jul-1961 Completed a welding machine production plant in Settsu City, Osaka(Settsu Plant).
Oct-1961 Listed on the First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May-1965 Merged with Kanden Kanehira Seisakusho K.K., (currently Kanehira Plant).
Dec-1967 Completed a pole-mounted transformer production plant in Chitose City, Hokkaido.
Oct-1970 Established Tottori DAIHEN Co., Ltd. (currently DAIHEN Industrial Machinery Corporation) as the second production site for welding machines in Japan.
Nov-1973 Completed the Mie Plant and commenced the production of super voltage large capacity transformers.
Dec-1974 Established DAIHEN Stud Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to the welding of studs.
Mar-1979 Established OTC America Inc. (currently DAIHEN Inc.), a welding machine sales company, in the United States.
May-1980 Started the sales of arc welding robots.


Oct-1983 Established OTC Europe GmbH (currently OTC DAIHEN Europe GmbH), a welding machine sales company, in Germany.
Aug-1984 Established Oita DAIHEN K.K. (currently DAIHEN Technology Institute), a software development company.
Dec-1985 Changed the company name from Osaka Transformer Co., Ltd. to DAIHEN Corporation.
Established the corporate philosophy of "Reliability and Creativity."
Feb-1986 Commenced the production of radio frequency (RF) generators for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Nov-1987 Won the Deming Execution Prize.
Apr-1989 Established DAIHEN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (currently OTC DAIHEN Asia Co., Ltd.), a manufacturing company of welding machines, in Thailand.
Commenced the production of semiconductor wafer transfer robots.
Aug-1989 Established a joint venture company specializing in the manufacturing and sales of large transformers (currently DAIHEN Electric Co., Ltd.) with a local Thai company.
May-1996 Established a sales company of semiconductor manufacturing-related equipment (DAIHEN Advanced Component, Inc.) in the United States.
Nov-1997 Established DAIHEN System Corporation, a sales company of power products.
Established Mudanjiang OTC Welding Machines Co., Ltd. as a production site of welding machines in China.
Apr-1998 Established OTC (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., a welding machine sales company, in Taiwan.
Nov-1998 Acquired Osaka Denki Co., Ltd., a well-established manufacturer of welding machines, and turned it into a subsidiary.


Aug-2001 Established OTC Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a welding machine sales company, in China.
May-2002 Established DAIHEN Korea Co., Ltd. as a base for semiconductor equipment business in Korea.
Sep-2002 Established DAIHEN Welding and Mechatronics System Corporation, a welding machine sales company.
Apr-2003 Developed 100 kW power conditioners for solar power generation ahead of anyone in the industry.
Established OTC Industrial (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China as the second production site of welding machines in China.
Oct-2006 Established DAIHEN OTC (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a power products manufacturing and sales company, in Beijing, China.
Oct-2007 Newly opened Rokko Plant, a base for welding and mechatronics business, at Rokko Island in Kobe City (Closed Settsu Plant).
Dec-2009 Established DAIHEN Advanced Machinery (Changshu) Co., Ltd., a manufacturing, sales and after-services company of Flat panel display (FPD) transfer robots, in Changshu, China.
Nov-2010 Acquired MECS (wafer transfer robot) business.
Jun-2011 Established OTC DAIHEN India Pvt. Ltd., a welding machine sales company, in India.
Jul-2012 Established PT. OTC DAIHEN Indonesia, a welding machine sales company, in Indonesia.
Feb-2014 Acquired VARSTROJ d.d., a Slovenian welding machine manufacturing company. (DAIHEN VARSTROJ welding cutting and robotics d.d.)
Jul-2015 Acquired 60% shares of The Chugoku Electric Manufacturing Company, Incorporated. Started joint operations with THE CHUGOKU ELECTRIC POWER CO.,INC.
Mar-2016 Started the sales of wireless power transfer systems.
Oct-2016 Established DAIHEN MEXICO S.A. de C.V., a welding machine sales company, in Mexico.
Dec-2019 Acquired Laso Tech Systems GmbH , German System Integrator company.
May-2022 Acquired Femitec GmbH , German System Integrator company.