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Power Distribution Equipment

  • Cubicle Type High Voltage Power Distribution Equipment

    Lineup of models equipped with highly reliable features that allow to carry out optimum design according to the applicable such as building and plant. Compact design offers efficient use of space and reduction of equipment and operations costs.

  • Closed Type Power Distribution Board

    It is completely safe because all live parts are packed. Besides, it can be split and delivered by each unit. This allows smooth transportation to the site, and completing highly reliable equipment in a short period of time.

  • Extra-High Voltage Power Distribution Equipment

    36kV and 24kV power distribution equipment are suitable for large factories and buildings with heavy load capacity. It increases reliability, improve serviceability, reduces space and power consumption. It can handle the latest communication functions and it contributes to the energy conservation plan.

  • Compartment Type Cubicle

    Unit structure that allows you to combine the way you like and that reduces construction cost and construction terms. It supports renovation work.

  • Transformer with Power Distribute Function

    The primary side and the secondary side switch of the transformer is stored inside the duct, and transformer equipment can be installed with almost same size as a standalone transformer.

  • Transformer integrated Power Distribution Board(TIP-BOARD)

    This product has integrated distribution board and a flat-screen transformer. Besides, using plug-in type breaker in the distribution board makes it compact and offers more comfortable design and construction experience.

  • Power Equipment Remote Monitoring System

    This system brings "Visibility" into the energy used and it helps in streamlining the energy conservation activities. We can propose the system configuration according to your requirements.