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Distribution Equipment (for Electric Power Companies)

  • Pole-mounted Transformer

    Pole-mounted Transfomer is the flagship product since the company's founding.
    We are supplying it to all the electric power companies in Japan.

  • Pad-mounted Transformer

    Transformer installed on the ground (street) according to underground power distribution system for improvement of landscape in urban areas, prevention of disasters, and securing road space

  • Step Voltage Regulator

    Even if dispersed power sources are interconnected such as in solar power generation, it automatically detects the power transmission direction. It is equipped with distributed power-enabled digital control device for performing appropriate control

  • Multi-branch Switch/Switch Branch Station

    Compact size that is appropriate for installing on sidewalks and greenbelts

  • Pole Switch

    It is made compact while strengthening the measurement function

  • Low Voltage Fuse

    Protection device used for preventing burnout etc. of the low-pressure lines used for supplying electricity to homes, offices, etc.

  • High Voltage Cut-out Fuse

    Protection device used in order to prevent burnout etc. of the distribution transformers installed on utility poles