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500HV-HEX (P500JHL2-A01)
500MV-HEX (P500JHL2-B01)
500HV1-HEX (P500JJL2-B01)

Outdoor "Air-conditioner Free"
solar inverter


  • Realizes industry-leading 98.8% conversion efficiency (1,000V input / 500kW) (*1)
  • World's first air-heat exchange (HEX) cooling system.
    Great energy conservation effect compared with conventional air-conditioning systems.
  • Minimum number of replacement parts required (Long-life parts used for a main circuit. No dust-proof filter required owing to the enclosed structure.)
  • Installable in an area subject to salt damage owing to a highly weaather-resistant stainless-steel enclosed cabinet.

*1 P500JHL2-A01


Type P500JHL2-A01 P500JHL2-B01 P500JJL2-B01
Output capacity 500kW
Installation site Outdoors
Insulation system Transformer-less
Max. input voltage 1000Vdc
Operating DC voltage range 460〜850Vdc 430〜850Vdc 520〜950Vdc
Rated output voltage 300Vac 360Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power conversion efficiency (Max. efficiency) *2 98.8% 98.6%
Dimensions(W)×(D)×(H) 2400×1100×2210mm
Rough weight 1950kg
FRT function
Recorder function

*2 Auxiliary equipment loss excluded