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AI Transfer Robot

AI Transfer Robot

Autonomous travel by
identifying the optimal path!

AI successfully implements automatic transfer!
Owing to its omnidirectional movements with
small and flexible turns, the robot automatically transfers loads in
response to the "current situations" of your factory.

AI Transfer Robot


AI determines the travel path based on
map information.

The robot’s flexible movements help to fully automate and
reduce the labor of transfer operations within the factory!

  • Tablet terminal

    All you do is to specify the destination and operation content on the tablet terminal. Then, leave everything to the robot!

  • The robot identifies the optimal path and travels on its own.
    No need for guide tape
  • Using the camera and sensor, the robot detects obstacles.
    Safe travel all the time
  • With omnidirectional movements, the robot can travel through narrow corridors.
    Crosswise travel/Diagonal travel/Rotation
  • Loading/Unloading
    Using the lifter
  • Wireless power feed system allows 24-hour continuous operation.
    Charging is completed automatically
  • The robot can transfer loads as heavy as 700 kg.
    Heavy loads OK
  • The robot immediately responds to changes in layout or instructions.
    You can simply set prohibited areas from the tablet terminal.

Guideless operation

The robot itself identifies the optimal path without a guide tape or complicated instructions from an operator.

Easy operation from a tablet terminal

The robot creates a map from the CAD data of the factory and understands the factory map correctly. You simply set the destination and operation content on the table screen for the robot to automatically plan the travel path. You can also easily set "No Entry" areas and change a process or layout.

The automatic obstacle detection system ensures safety travel.

Using the built-in camera and laser sensor, the robot detects obstacles and people in all directions and automatically avoids them for safe travel.

Omnidirectional movements with small and flexible turns

Because 360° rotations and omnidirectional movements are possible, you can readily introduce the robot to an existing transfer space.

Smooth delivery using the lift function

After arriving at the destination, the robot itself loads/unloads the transported cargo to ensure smooth pickup/delivery from/to the next process.

With wireless power feed system as a standard feature, full 24-hour automation is introduced to your factory.

Our "D-Broad Slim" wireless power feed system enables 24-hour continuous operation.

Example of AI transfer robot operation

Example of AI transfer robot operation

Since the AI transfer robot has the map information already installed, it can execute the specified operation simply by receiving the destination and operation content. If the robot comes across an unexpected obstacle, it choses another path by avoiding the obstacle or pausing in consideration of safety, and subsequently transfers the load as specified.

When a power feed point is installed at the unloading site, the robot completes power feed during the operation.


AI Transfer Robot