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RF/MW Generators of DAIHEN

Contributes to the next generation plasma process with the latest RF technology


Technical innovations such as miniaturization and three-dimensional applications are continuously happening in the field of semiconductors for making them more compact and packing more functionalities in them. "AVANCER" is a highly reliable (RF)power generator(s) brand equipped with various functions required by the next generation of semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as pulsed RF output and power saving. With proven technology and reliability, it contributes to the future of the ever evolving semiconductor industry.

Concept of Fine Plasma

1. Stable and Uniform

2. Device-friendly

Fundamental Technologies for embodying

The electronics is constantly pushing new expectations for higher performance, faster, smaller, more energy efficient silicon devices and brighter, clearer flat panel displays’.High density plasma process require repeatability, stability and sophisticated plasma control to meet the demands for perfect processes. DAIHEN has developed our RF/MW power generators and match units for automatic tuning capitalizing on years of expertise in power electronics.Using the Fine Plasma Techonology that DAIHEN has perfected over the years, our products has provided optimal solutions to our customers .

Product evaluation by the plasma evaluation chamber

In-house plasma evaluation chamber

Product evaluation sight in the actual plasma

Plasma ignition

Plasma ignition

We use our in-house plasma evaluation chamber for developing fundamental technologies like pulsing output and frequency tuning, evaluating standalone performance of products, and functional improvements. Besides, through performance evaluation of the entire RF power system such as multi-frequency applications, we are developing high frequency systems that corresponds to the most advanced plasma processes. By conducting plasma evaluation before supplying evaluation machine to our customers, we help in reducing the evaluation period required with customer's equipment. Through operation verification and reliability verification in the plasma load, we have build a strong know-how of high-frequency circuit design and control methods optimized for the plasma processes, and we are geared to meet various needs of our customers .