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Vertical Articulated Robot

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6-axis vertical articulated clean robot

Automated operations in clean environment


  • Our unique technologies prevent vibrations of supplied liquids
  • IP 65 protection grade and ISO Class 5 cleanliness
  • Resistance to chemical liquids by special coating


Robot Type 6 axis Vertical Articulated
Operation Range J1-axis (Swing) ±180°
J2-axis (Lower arm) ±110°
J3-axis (Upper arm) ±130°
J4-axis (Turn) ±190°
J5-axis (Shake) ±120°
J6-axis (Twist) ±360°
Max Operation Speed J1-axis (Swing) 3.49rad/sec.(200°/sec.)
J2-axis (Lower arm) 3.49rad/sec.(200°/sec.)
J3-axis (Upper arm) 4.54rad/sec.(260°/sec.)
J4-axis (Turn) 6.63rad/sec.(380°/sec.)
J5-axis (Shake) 6.63rad/sec.(380°/sec.)
J6-axis (Twist) 8.03rad/sec.(510°/sec.)
Operation cross-section of arm 0.81m²×360°
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Payload 4.0kg
Cleanliness ISO Class 5(ISO-14644)
Protection IP65 / Chemical Resistans
Mass 50kg
Facilities Power 3-phase 200-230 VAC(±10%)
1-phase 200-230 VAC(±10%)
Environment Temperature 0-45°C