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OFH-4100i series

For wafers up to 100-300mm


  • アライメント中にウエハ外周部の欠け・バリを検出し、ウエハ欠陥による事故を未然に防止
  • 検査データはPC等に出力可能でウエハ欠陥の原因究明に利用可能


Model OFH-4102i OFH-4100i
Applicable Wafer SEMI Standard Silicon Wafer with OF
SEMI Standard Silicon Wafer with V-notch
Wafer Holding Method Vaccum Chuck
Materials Body:White Annodized Aluminum, Connector Plate:Stainless Steel
Suction Base:PTFE Coated Aluminum or Ceramic
Edge Inspection Function Min.Detectable Size Crack or Burr:1.0mm(W)×0.2mm(D)
Detectable Area Wafer Edge
検査時のウエハセンターずれ許容値 7.0mm Radius or less(Wafer Centering Tolerance)
オリフラ合わせ時間(センタリング、検査時間含む) 4.1sec (Alignment Time including centering and edge inspection)
Axis Configuration X-axis Anterior-posterior axis
Y-axis Left and Right axis
θ-axis Rotation axis
Operation Area X-axis ±7.5mm
Y-axis 65mm
θ-axis Continuous
Accuracy X-direction ±0.1mm
Y-direction ±0.1mm
θ-direction ±0.2°
Control Serial Communication (RS-232C)
Parallel Communication (Sequencer Control)
Cleanliness ISO Class 3 (ISO-14644)
Mass Approx. 8kg
Facilities Vacuum -80kPag, 10NL/min. or more
Power 24 VDC 3A
Humidity 60%RH or less (No condensation)
Temperature +15-25°C