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Wafer Aligner

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For 200-300mm wafers

Further evolved aligner
with defect detection


  • Detects not only cracks and burrs, but also scratches, flaking, and particles on the edge of wefer


Model OFH-4100i2
Applicable Wafer Size 200mm, 300mm(SEMI Standard)
Wafer Holding Method Vacuum Chuck
Materials Body:White Annodized Aluminum
Suction Base:Black Annodized Aluminum
Defect Detection Function Min. Detectable Size Crack:1.0mm(W)×0.2mm(D)
Scratch, Particle, Flaking:0.2mm(W)×0.2mm(D)
Detectable Area 3mm from wafer edge excluding the bevel surface
Wafer Centering Tolerance ±7.0mm or less
Cycle-time Min. 6.0 sec.
Operation Range X-axis ±7.5mm
Y-axis 65mm
θ-axis Continuous
Accuracy X-direction ±0.1mm
Y-direction ±0.1mm
θ-direction ±0.2°
Eternal I/F Serial communication (RS-232C)
Parallel communication (Sequencer control)
Cleanliness ISO Class 3 (ISO-14644)
Mass 10.8kg
Facilities Power 24±10% VDC, 3A(for Aligner Unit)
24±10% VDC, 1A(for Defect Detection Unit)
Vacuum -80kPaG or less, 10NL/min.
Environment Temperature 15-25°C
Humidity 20-60% or less, No condensation